Eberron: Thirteenth Moon

Sorrn and Ajax

21st Nymm, 998 YYK

Our intrepid adventurers found themselves the following morning at breakfast in the Redwater Inn, discussing what to do next about Sorrn and his monstrosity. All of the evidence, circumstantial though it may be, pointed to Ajax as the culprit for the previous night’s murder. In turn, similarities between that incident and other killings over the last month seemed to implicate a single suspect.

thug.jpgA rough-looking man, introducing himself as Bethain, butted into the party’s conversation. He was interested in hearing news of the party’s exploits the night before. Apparently, the party’s reputation, and the questions they had been asking, had stirred up some conversation among the residents of Redwater district. Although the strange killings weren’t strongly connected to Sorrn Lazarus until that point, the party’s inquiries had led some folks to make connections.

Billy and Jinara went to go pay another visit to Sorrn’s home. There, Billy came up with a plan to clear the gnome’s name, and shed light on the Ajax’s true nature. An exhibition of the golem’s physical strength and general usefulness would be held in the Redwater market square, where the public could freely watch and see if Ajax was the peaceful being Sorrn described him as.

golemFlesh.jpgXander hit the streets. He asked his underworld contacts what they knew about the murders, and paid a visit to one of the other crime scenes. Over the last month, three other people had been found beaten or strangled to death in alleys on the outskirts of Redwater. In common at these scenes were a few things- evidence that the walls and streets in those locations had been damaged by some great force, and the victims all having been killed by blunt trauma or strangulation. All this seemed to indicate that they were killed by a creature of immense strength.

In the meantime, the rest of the party made inquiries into the other murders that Ajax was implicated in. Finding the nearest constabulary well outside of the poor Redwater district, Darak and Angaera spoke with one officer Garwe. This war-veteran turned town guard was disinterested in the murder, having already filed it away as “the kind of thing that happens in that part of town.” At Angaera’s scornful rebuking, he ceded that he probably had done an inadequate job, but still couldn’t help much- instead, he offered to get them in touch with the detective Pine who had investigated the other Redwater murders.

detective_pine.jpgPine, an elven detective, was accomodating to the party. He shared his observations at the crime scenes, as well as a few other leads that he had followed up on. Most of this information corroborated what the party had already suspected. He had spoken with the widow of one of the victims, but had learned no information of interest. More apologetic than Garwe, he regretfully explained that he was a resource that his superiors felt was better used to solve more important crimes in the nicer parts of town.

The party regrouped over an afternoon meal, where they learned of Billy’s ambitious plan. He had somehow persuaded Sorrn that this would be a good idea. The party split up once more in order to spread word of the event, prepare the market square, and meet up with Sorrn. At the old garrison, Billy found Sorrn draping a hastily-sewn makeshift shirt over his creation. Ajax’s misshapen body seemed even more gruesome underneath the white fabric. Sorrn loaded up a cart with heavy crates and barrels, and they were on their way.

medieval_town_by_hetman80-d37zunh.jpgIn the Redwater square, a crowd gathered around to gape at the spectacle that Sorrn brought into town. The torchlights of the onlookers disturbed the golem, which in turn made the crowd nervous. Sorrn directed his son to lift heavy barrels overhead, to demonstrate his practical uses. With the crowd so distracted a gang of thugs lurking in the shadows began to make their move. Xander and Darak were on watch, though, and their quick reaction averted a total disaster. As the thugs started to rile up the crowd and the monster alike, the situation quickly devolved into chaos. Sorrn narrowly managed to escape the scene with Ajax, after pleading with his creation to ignore the commotion and go home. The party disabled the troublemakers and handed them over to the town guard.

Later, at Sorrn’s home, the party made a few decisions. They advised the wizard to relocate to somewhere that might be more accepting of his son- somewhere like Graywall, the Droaamish border town, or a hamlet in the arcane-friendly Aundair. Indignant at the townsfolk’s treatment of him and his son, Sorrn said that he would consider the party’s advice. Angaera had at least bought him a few days to get out before an angry mob might appear on his doorstep. Without real evidence that Ajax was behind the murders, the party had decided on a compromise. With that, they resumed their journey to Wroat.


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