Eberron: Thirteenth Moon

The Mirror of Pelethor
28th-30th Dravago, 998 YK

The adventurers in need of a guild name spent a few days in Phandalin recuperating from their delve into the Lost Mine of Phandelver. The time was spent finding buyers for many of the treasures they had accumulated over the course of the adventure, the distribution of the spoils, and some shopping for weapons and tools.
They met with Halia Thornton, the guildmaster at the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange, who thanked them for the tip regarding the shipment abandoned at the Cragmaw Hideout- after a certain amount of reminding, and gave the party a deal on potions of greater healing for their help.
They visited Daran Edermath, a retired adventurer and templar of the Silver Flame, to ask for his advice on facing off with a green dragon. He didn’t have much to offer, but asked whether they had an opportunity to investigate the undead at Old Owl Well.
The party was hesitant to face off with the green dragon in possession of the Phiarlan tapestry that Angaera seeks. Grateful for an opportunity to forestall that challenge, they decided to visit Agatha the banshee in Conyberry on the way to Old Owl Well at Six Kings. Sister Garaele, a priestess of Olladra associated with Morgrave University, was seeking answers to questions about an ancient spellbook. She believed that Agatha, in life, once had possession of the spellbook of the legendary mage Bowgentle.
In Agatha’s dreadful lair, Billy Goldskin negotiated with the vain, domineering undead spirit. On Garaele’s behalf, he exchanged a bejeweled comb for information on the fate of the lost spellbook. Xander spotted a runed elven longbow hanging from the back wall of her lair. He asked about the longbow, certainly of no more use to the incorporeal spirit. The banshee offered, with some hesitation, to exchange it for a favor. She seeks a relic called the Mirror of Pelethor, a hand mirror with a glass of polished mithril. The silver-filigreed mirror was given by Valenar elves as a peace offering to a Dhakaani warlord at Six Kings.
At Old Owl Well, the adventurers came across a brightly colored tent near the ruins of the old tower. What threatened to be a slogging fight with a large gang of zombies was cut short as their owner, a grouchy Karrnathi necromancer, called them off. Although the necromancer Hamun Kost was fairly unfriendly, he gave the party some information before encouraging them to mind their own business. They moved on to Six Kings, an old fortress that was once occupied by Dhakaani hobgoblins. Like the rest of the monuments of that ancient continent-spanning civilization, all of the structures within had nearly collapsed under the weight of time. Within the most intact fortress structure, a scouting Xander came upon two sleeping ogres. He returned to the party, where they promptly planned an ambush for fun and profit. The plan was nearly ruined by the sudden appearance of the ogres’ pet worgs, but the team quickly gained the upper hand and were able to kill the dumb giants and take their stuff. Within their treasure hoard, the party found a hefty pile of treasure, a Driftglobe, and the relic of import: the Mirror of Pelethor.

Prelude: The Lost Mine of Phandelver

The party began working together over their initial adventure as they investigated the fate of the Rockseeker brothers, who had uncovered the ancient lost mine of Phandelver. Their discovery was fatally undercut by a drow villain known as the “Black Spider”, who used a tribe of goblinoids called the Cragmaw tribe to terrorize the area around Phandalin. By the end of that adventure, the party has made a name for themselves in the region- stories of their deeds have travelled around the towns and villages in nearby Breland, and their reputation has even made it somewhat into the monstrous “nation” of Droaam. Although they were unable to preserve the legendary Forge of Spells in Wave Echo Cave, they still did a service to the region by defeating the sinister Black Spider and driving out many of his allies.
Angaera d’Phiarlan had joined the party to help with their quest, on the condition that they help her afterwards to track down a tapestry that House Phiarlan considered to be quite valuable. Quite a complication occurred, though: as if it weren’t bad enough when the caravan originally carrying the tapestry was raided, the hobgoblins responsible apparently had sold it to agents of the green dragon which made its lair in the ruins of Thundertree. Angaera’s original directive was unclear on the exact import of this tapestry, but Angaera may be hesitant to return to her familial house empty-handed.


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