Eberron: Thirteenth Moon

What are they Doing Down There?

14th-15th Nymm, 998 YYK

With Phandalin still in shock after the sudden appearance of the Githyanki, the gang followed after the planecraft as it advanced toward Wave Echo Cave. Outpacing the party, the ship was already hovering above the entrance to the cave when they arrived.

umber_hulk.jpgInside the cavern path to the Phandelver mine, the party found many signs of foot traffic, both from the Rockseeker activity in the mine, and the apparent presence of the Gith (and presumably the humans they had captured). The party, already exhausted from their battles in town, was ambushed by a mandibled monstrosity that smashed through the cavern walls. The creature’s mind-scrambling gaze forced the party to resort to unorthodox tactics, and it was driven away before it could cause too much havoc.

With their spells exhausted, the party decided to withdraw to rest on the surface. They decided not to stay in the cave and risk the umber hulk returning while they slept, or being happened upon by a Gith patrol. During the night, the party watch saw Gith and devil forces go in and out of the cave entrance, teleporting to and from the ship. The next morning, they decided to travel to Old Owl Well to consult with Venomfang.

ogre_mage.pngOn their way back through Phandalin, the party was surprised to see some orcish presence in town. The already nervous townspeople gave the gang a wide berth. The orcs were keeping to themselves near the townmaster‘s manor, but their deterrent glares didn’t keep the party out of their business. Inside the manor, they learned that the ogre mage Tzaryan Rrac was there to lay claim to the Phandelver mine. The party decided to ally with the Droaamish warlord for now, and deal with his claim to the mine after the Gith invaders were defeated.

250px-Kyton.jpgThey returned to the mine with their erstwhile allies, who didn’t volunteer anything particularly helpful. They were at least willing to watch the cave entrance while the party returned into the cave. Keeping watch in the entry chamber, a squadron of devils confronted the party there. Four bearded, glaive-wielding devils fought alongside a deadly feminine creature who fought with barbed chains. We left off as the party fought back the creatures through the cave’s bottleneck.


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