Eberron: Thirteenth Moon

Prelude: The Lost Mine of Phandelver

The party began working together over their initial adventure as they investigated the fate of the Rockseeker brothers, who had uncovered the ancient lost mine of Phandelver. Their discovery was fatally undercut by a drow villain known as the “Black Spider”, who used a tribe of goblinoids called the Cragmaw tribe to terrorize the area around Phandalin. By the end of that adventure, the party has made a name for themselves in the region- stories of their deeds have travelled around the towns and villages in nearby Breland, and their reputation has even made it somewhat into the monstrous “nation” of Droaam. Although they were unable to preserve the legendary Forge of Spells in Wave Echo Cave, they still did a service to the region by defeating the sinister Black Spider and driving out many of his allies.
Angaera d’Phiarlan had joined the party to help with their quest, on the condition that they help her afterwards to track down a tapestry that House Phiarlan considered to be quite valuable. Quite a complication occurred, though: as if it weren’t bad enough when the caravan originally carrying the tapestry was raided, the hobgoblins responsible apparently had sold it to agents of the green dragon which made its lair in the ruins of Thundertree. Angaera’s original directive was unclear on the exact import of this tapestry, but Angaera may be hesitant to return to her familial house empty-handed.


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