Eberron: Thirteenth Moon

Festivals, Fiends, and Freaky Space Elves

14th Nymm, 998 YYK

6-astralship.jpgWith the Festival of Nymm impending, the adventurers stayed close to Phandalin during the week. Angaera met with Townmaster Wester to arrange a show. Darak laid low, trying to avoid the attention of the visiting Burrich d’Kundarak, who remained in town during his talks with Nundro Rockseeker.
The day of the festival was marked with summer blooms, and the entertainments of the first day peaked with a performance by Angaera. She even had enough time to invite her apprentice, Eddard Pine, to come perform with her. Not long into her show, though, a drunken heckler began to draw attention from the crowd at her expense. He introduced him as the bard Keene. He had performed in Angaera’s place during festivals past there in Phandalin, and so reasoned that she ought to turn over the stage to him. Although Keene challenged her for the support of the gathered crowd, she out-performed him handily.
Darak and Jinara spent time after the show in the tavern. Burrich appeared there, hoping to strike up a conversation with the only other dwarf in Phandalin. Darak keep his distance, even more dour than usual in Burrich’s presence. Sensing the situation, the dragonmarked heir left them alone after just one mug of ale.
As the night turned late, the party retired to watch the skies from the edge of town. A strangeness had begun to fill the air, like the aura before a thunderstorm. With their eyes on the moon Nymm, the party watched a hole be torn open in the sky. A strange floating object emerged from the rift, and began to descend on the town. The size of a Lyrandar airship, it appeared to be some sort of flying vessel. It came to a stop a hundred feet above the town square.
Back in the square, the adventurers dispersed most of the gathered crowd and tried to keep the peace. As the area cleared, a trio of humanoids appeared from a cloud of roiling mist at the center of the town’s stage. The gaunt, yellow-skinned people demanded to be brought Burrich d’Kundarak, and threatened against resistance. The adventurers refused to be intimidated, and engaged their foes.
As they fought, more raiding parties teleported into other parts of town, and began to raid the homes and businesses. Although the adventurers were able to kill or drive off the maurauders where they found them, many citizens of Phandalin were overwhelmed and abducted. The creatures call themselves the Githyanki, acting in the name of ‘Master Zaaratu.’ They fought alongside fiends normally encountered in the depths of Khyber during their raid.


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