Eberron: Thirteenth Moon

Dealing with a Dragon

1st-5th Nymm, 998 YK

After recovering the Mirror of Pelethor, the party began their return trip to Phandalin. They paid another visit to the campsite of the necromancer Hamun Kost. Billy Goldskin strong-armed him into packing up his campsite and taking his undead servitors elsewhere. Hamun wisely went away without resistance, which gave the party an opportunity to spend the night at the Old Owl Well tower. They took advantage of the work Hamon had already done to dig the place up, and found a few old pieces of Dhakaani jewelry. They took shelter that night inside the ruined tower. The stress that the digging and exploration had placed on the unstable ruin caused trouble when part of the old stairway collapsed on top of Billy in the night.
The next day’s travel took them back to the lair of Agatha the banshee. The eerie woods led them once again to her wretched hut. Xander gave the ancient hand mirror to Agatha there. Something bizarre occured as the banshee began to look into the hand mirror and preen herself. With a deadly wail that nearly killed Xander, she vanished. The hand mirror dropped to the ground, glowing white with some power. The glow sublimated away while Angaera and Billy went to Xander’s aid. After the party regrouped, they were able to leave Agatha’s lair with the Mirror of Pelethor, the longbow Agatha’s Fury, and a valuable bracelet that had been partially transmuted into incorporeality.
Back in Phandalin, the party met with a few of their contacts. Sister Garaele thanked them for the information they retrieved from Agatha, and provided them with a few potions of healing and assurances that Morgrave University would hear of their good deeds. Daran Edermath, too, was grateful for the party’s efforts to drive the necromancer away. Although he did not provide a material reward, he promised to put in a good word with his own faction, the Church of the Silver Flame. Quelline Alderleaf approached the party and asked them to check up on her friend Reidoth, who had not contacted her in several weeks. She worried after him, as he normally would correspond with her weekly. Fearing that something might have happened to him at the ruins of Thundertree, the party decided that must be their next stop.
The party witnessed a meteor shower in the night on the way to Thundertree, and talked about their families. At Thundertree, they first visited Reidoth’s quarters on the edge of town. The creeping vines and thorny bushes of the ruined town had grown considerably since the party last visited. Reidoth, fortunately, was alive and well, if still somewhat grouchy. He opened up when Billy reminded him of the gin they gifted him last time. The druid was somewhat evasive when asked about the dragon, but indicated that he no longer considered Venomfang a problem. In fact, he suggested that the party go to see if they could talk the dragon into giving back the tapestry, perhaps in exchange for something.
On the overgrown path to Venomfang’s tower, the adventurers battled with humanoid vine blights and monstrous ettercaps, but were only delayed slightly. At the tower, they carefully made their presence known. The green dragon there was more genial than expected, but not generous. He allowed the party to view the tapestry that Angaera hoped to retrieve, but held it out of their reach, offering to give it back in exchange for a favor. Venomfang explained that the tapestry revealed to him a thread of the Draconic Prophecy. He showed them a hidden message, woven into the tapestry in a draconic script, which read: “Watch the skies at the festival of Nymm”. The tapestry depicted three moons over the town of Phandalin, and an ominous black shape in the sky there. Venomfang offered to trade the tapestry in exchange for the party’s report on the festival of Nymm, a summer festival which would be held in Phandalin in ten days.
Venomfang bade the adventurers farewell, but not before demanding a tribute. In exchange, he sent them with his sigil, that they might present to other affiliates of the Draconic Court to show that they are under his “protection”. They touched base with Reidoth on the way out, who confirmed he had a similar arrangement with Venomfang, and then began their return trip to Phandalin. That night was marked by another meteor shower, as multi-colored fireballs streaked across the distant night sky.


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